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Established in 1995, Prudential Consulting Inc. (PCI) is a Canadian company with offices and collaborations in USA, UK and India. PCI focuses on providing a complete spectrum of business development tools, end-to-end IT, IT Healthcare solutions and consulting services designed to assist entrepreneurs as well as established firms in driving their ventures forward. PCI is comprised of a strong and dedicated team of experts with extensive experience in each respective specialty. These experts work closely with entrepreneurs, executives, and companies at virtually every stage of application and product development, offering specialized support in today's increasingly competitive market.

With a total of over 200 employees worldwide and experience extending across all industry sectors, development stages, and business sizes, PCI offers the unbiased business viewpoint necessary for any business to realize its goals. Our clients continue to include Fortune 1000 companies and range from large multinationals to mid-sized and small corporations in the private and public sectors.

IT Services

In today’s fast paced IT environment, it is not uncommon to see that most companies spend a significant amount of money and time on application management and maintenance. PCI is your one stop for all your IT needs whether it is customized solutions/application development, IT recruitment or RFID solutions. Our solutions contribute to the business transformation and economic performance of organizations, and are based on in-depth knowledge of client industries and processes.  We look holistically at our client’s organization and the market in which it operates, to determine both short-term and long-term strategies for growth. PCI’s collaborative approach to our clients’ issues is optimized when we are able to create a joint vision of the business together.

Healthcare Services

Prudential Consulting Inc. (PCI) is a leading and experienced provider of technology and outsourcing services for Heath Information Management (HIM). Our Health Information Management Platform combines dictation, speech recognition, transcription services, document scanning and electronic integration with multiple department-specific systems, to unify health information into digital patient folders that help physicians and others make clinical decisions, eSign documents and communicate instantly with coders and other personnel through the web. We also provide professional billing services dedicated to meeting all of the insurance and patient billing needs of your practice. 

Today numerous hospitals, clinics and group practices and over 400,000 healthcare providers throughout Canada use our platform to transform the high cost of medical reporting to a low cost high-quality process, for increased physician productivity and better care, through easier, more immediate access to electronic patient information.

BPO services

Prudential Consulting Inc.’s Business Process Outsourcing services are a natural extension of our IT service offerings. Through our offshore development partnership-centers in India, we at Prudential Consulting Inc., manage and improve non-core functions such as Finance, Accounting and IT, enabling our clients to focus on their strategic agenda. Underpinned by our collaborative approach, PCI provides a comprehensive solution portfolio that is flexible to support our clients’ business needs as well as assurance so that benefits are realized rapidly with the least amount of risk.



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