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At PCI, we understand your struggle to balance the compulsions of driving business growth and managing cash flow and revenue at the same time. It may make a lot of sense for you to focus on what you alone can do best – marketing your firm and driving business growth, while having a key outsource partner manage the other component – managing your Accounts Receivable (A/R) process.

PCI offers a unique end-to-end solution designed to transform the operation of your Accounts Receivable process. From the point invoice data is available, through the posting of cash received, the PCI solution lets customers concentrate on their core business, secure in the knowledge that the Accounts Receivable process is professionally, accurately and securely performed.


The objective of our accounts receivable services is as follows:

  • Corporate Governance and Transparency – Helping the CFO to achieve the firm’s compliance to SOX by implementing and managing internal controls around receivables
  • Cash Flow and Revenue Management – Improving cash flow from operations, reducing revenue leakages and driving down doubtful customer accounts and bad debts or write-offs, managing customer revenue risk while at the same time improving customer relationships
  • Improving Transactional Efficiencies – Incorporate varied strategies like specialized teams, process capability improvements, reducing cost of operations and automating non-value added activities for continuous improvement of the customer to cash cycle

Outsource your accounts receivable management to PCI and we will take on the task of ensuring that you have profitable account receivable positions. Our accounts receivable outsourcing process is simple and easy!

To start with, we will understand your credit and collection procedures and policies. Once we understand the specific process you follow, along with time schedules for follow up, we will get started on the analysis and the actual follow-up. Together with you we will map the process flows for good visibility and clarity on what needs to be done and by whom. This will also help us set time lines and goals enabling us to work on targets to improve collection efficiency.


Assigning qualified and trained personnel to perform the collection and follow up activity, including:
  • Follow up calls
  • Sending letters
  • Coordinating with external agencies

We will customize our services to match the follow-up procedures laid down by you. Customized services we offer include:

  • Tracking payments
  • Review and recording of status of outstanding payments
  • Sending reports and analysis as per the goals set by you
  • Sending payment reminders to your customers
  • Maintaining data on payment behavior of your customers
  • Reviewing this with you if you want to reassess your relationship with these customers
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