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The Analytics Services and Analytics Outsourcing practice helps clients achieve better results and make more effective use of their internal capital by leveraging our scalable and cost-effective global analytics delivery model. Our cross-functional teams of skilled professionals, including Programmers and Modelers, provide immediate benefits through a variety of working arrangements, ranging from staff augmentation to extended contracts to execute specific tasks. With analytics as our core focus, PCI is able to recruit and retain superior talent, leverage cutting edge analytics expertise and provide flexible staffing to meet our clients' changing resource needs. Our services team provides clients a range of assistance data management and maintenance, ongoing support for periodic analytic tasks (such as acquisition campaigns), and 'swing' capacity for Risk Analytics and Marketing Analytics teams.

Marketing and Customer Analytics Services

Companies serving customers (consumers and commercial businesses) continually face the challenge of acquiring new profitable customer and retaining existing ones. Larger companies generate and now collect large amounts of proprietary data as part of their transactions with customers, which can be a valuable competitive asset.

PCI’s Analytics Solutions offer best of the breed global analytics support for data mining, management and analytics support on an ongoing basis to support operating decision-making in the marketing and customer management functions

Risk Management Analytics

The value of this data can be leveraged in helping risk executives make better decisions when it is possible to execute the analyses in a timely, cost-effective manner with multiple iterations

Finance and Investment Analytics

With an increase in the standards of regulatory scrutiny and corporate governance in a rapidly evolving business environment, management is faced with the dual challenge of business execution as well as of responding to zealous Boards and vigilant capital markets, where management performance and recommendations are keenly debated and provided with instant and unforgiving feedback. In such an environment, rigorous financial analytics is becoming an integral part of management's overall strategic and transactional decision-making process

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