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Payroll processing is one task that takes up a lot of time and demands painstaking effort. Precision is the key, all calculations have to done on time, the correct deductions made, taxes deposited and returns filed on time. And if payroll calculations are delayed or are incorrect, businesses end up paying stiff penalties – something small and medium businesses and enterprises (SMEs/SMBs) cannot afford. The best option is to say goodbye to those risks by outsourcing payroll processing. We offer customized payroll processing solutions to fit your requirements, leaving you free to focus on your core business.

Why should I outsource payroll processing?

It has been found that one out of every three employers has been found guilty of making errors in computing payroll figures and consequently charged with penalties that run into billions of dollars annually. What’s more, states have been regularly passing stricter laws that slap higher penalties even for first-time defaulters. Naturally, it makes sense to outsource payroll processing and get it done by payroll specialists – such as PCI.

What payroll outsourcing services do I get?

PCI believes in partnering clients to help their business grow. To that end, customers will find our team to be approachable, friendly and deeply involved in understanding what works best for your business. We want to help our customers develop an interface between their core operations, their business and their finances. So for each project, the quality we deliver is customized to suit client requirements – be it value-added services or better communication.

Keeping in line with our belief to work as full-fledged partners to our clients, the person/team assigned to you will ensure that you get:

  • Personalized service
  • Regular and open communication
  • Seamless management of all your payroll processing requirements
  • Quick turnaround options
  • Secure communications

How will payroll outsourcing services work for my company?

PCI’s accountant will perform the following tasks to ensure that your payroll processing is carried out in a comprehensive and timely manner:

  • Complete your weekly/monthly payroll and prints checks which you can sign and distribute or makes direct deposit of pay into employees’ bank accounts
  • Prepare and maintain employees’ earnings statements
  • Prepare and maintain records of employees’ benefits
  • Set funds aside to ensure payroll taxes are paid on time and file appropriate returns
  • Account for deposits made into qualified employee benefit plans
  • Reconcile payroll with related accounts
  • Prepare management reports and financial summaries
  • Comply with all regulatory reporting requirements
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