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Medical Coding

Need a medical coding service that is customized to your needs, has high level of accuracy andis able to eliminate coder shortage issues?

We understand that accurate coding is a requisite in today’s healthcare environment. Timely coding means prompt compensations: delayed coding results in negative cash flows. Therefore, the major objective of our Billing and Coding services is to help hospitals eliminate their coder shortages.

PCI coders analyze individual client’s coding process to ensure that each service is coded in compliance with ICD 10 standards, CMS (HCFA) guidelines, correct coding initiatives (CCI) and the local medical review policies (LMRP) mandated by the local carriers. Our coding system provides communication between the Coder and the Healthcare Provider allowing the Provider to clarify inadequate or incomplete documentation and receive feedback from the Provider and facilitate guidelines to the Provider on the documentation process as per latest insurance demands.

Medical records are accurately coded, reviewed by our Quality Assurance department and returned to the healthcare provider within 24-hours. Working with us allows our clients to enjoy highest quality coding services at costs incomparable to any other in house services.

Our system handles all of the medical documentation seamlessly and remotely using a state-of-the-art compliant data center that adheres to relevant legislation and regulatory requirements. The billing and coding team conducts regular quality audits to ensure adherence and compliance of internal and external industry quality benchmarks.

We deliver coding results with 99% plus accuracy and turnaround times close to 24 hours.


  • Eliminate coding backlogs and reduce coding costs
  • Increase coder productivity up to 32%
  • Impeccable customer support and service
  • Take charge of all medical coding recruiting needs
  • Reduce coder turnover - more flexibility, better working environment 


 Need a company that provides document scanning, indexing and data retrieval services for a wide variety of applications and gets rid off the paper and labour involved in processing large volumes of paper?

PCI has the solution! We have expertise in managing the paper and labor involved in processing large volumes of documents and scanned images through an organized conversion process.


Pick up of Boxes and Storage

Boxes are packed and log sheets with an inventory of all documents in each box is prepared at the time of boxing prior to removal of documents at customer's site. Documents are stored in a secure storage vault while awaiting processing.

Document Control

Document access is controlled throughout the project. There is an audit trail for every process in the workflow for the physical documents. Each box of paper must be signed for at every process during the workflow. The boxes are checked out and checked back in for each process by a project manager.

Document Preparation and Processing

Staples, brads, and paper clips will have to be removed, as will post-it notes and other attachments. Post-it notes from single-sided documents will be taped to the blank side of the page. We use duplex scanners so the notes will become an additional page to a document.

High-speed auto feed duplex scanners accommodate various page sizes, up to 11’ x 17”. Then the original will be placed back in the sequence within the record and the scanned image will be inserted into the appropriate sequence within the scanned record file.

Image Editing

All of the images will be edited in a post-processing mode. All of the image files will be de-skewed cropped and rotated as required to be acceptable for “right-reading”.

Indexing of Digital Images

PCI uses both double key data entry, and additional validation methods to insure that we provide our clients 99.9% accuracy levels of indexed data.

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