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Core Compentencies
PCI Advantage

PCI offers the following advantages to our candidates:

Flexible Work Hours
PCI offers flexibility to choose from a wide variety of positions depending on your schedule. You have the opportunity to work the hours you want to work. We not only aim to fill job positions, but also to provide our candidates with career opportunities that suit their lifestyle. You can choose from full-time, part-time, contract, independent positions depending on your requirements.

Large Client Base
PCI is a large well-established company with over 150 employees, dedicated to providing premium medical transcription services to our large client base across Canada ( Halifax , Toronto , Edmonton , Calgary ). Our clients include most of the major hospitals across the country and we have offices in Canada , India and the Philippines to support their needs. Working with PCI, you have the opportunity to work with some of the best hospitals in the country.

Modern Facilities
PCI has state-of-the-art transcription centers in Canada , India and the Philippines .

Competitive Compensation
PCI offers remuneration based on experience and expertise. Full-time employees with PCI can enjoy can medical, dental and vision benefits. We also provide our transcriptionists with production incentives.

Advancement Potential and Training
What makes PCI different is our commitment to a continuous learning process and focus on all round personal and professional development of our employees. We consider our employees to be valuable assets to the PCI family and every member contributes to and benefits from our focused training programs. All new PCI members undergo an induction-training program so as to familiarize them with different aspects of the company. In addition, PCI offers various modules of specifically designed training programs for our employees. We also have great advancement opportunities that offer MT to QA growth.

Meridian of Advantages are as follows:



• Putting the care back into Healthcare Information Management

PCI has earned its reputation for excellence by providing quality service to numerous satisfied clients for the years and care is an important element in our relationships

• Personalized Attention

PCI’s systems are scalable and offer any-sized client an excellent package tailored to their specific needs. Our systems are simple, easy to implement and adaptable.

• Innovative Approach

PCI is continuously expanding its product offerings to provide innovative approaches that solve labor intensive documentation problems, bearing in mind clients’ interest to reduce costs, eliminate rework and move towards electronic records.

• PCI Partners

We choose our partners with care, working closely together to provide superior products and services to clients. PCI partners have established reputations for excellent service, quality products and years of experience in medical dictation, documentation and transcription industry.

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• Qualified Staff

PCI utilizes Certified Medical Transcriptionists. American Association of Medical Transcriptionist (AAMT) guidelines and practices are implemented and utilized whenever possible.

• High Accuracy Standards

PCI maintains a rigorous quality assurance (QA) program, which includes one of the highest proofreaders to transcriptionist ratios in the industry.

• Quality Assurance

At PCI we believe that quality is measurable. We document and measure with daily and monthly client quality reports to back it up.

    • Monthly audits
    • Training: Constant training provided to QA professionals.
    • Reviews: PCI workflow software automatically sends complete transcription to our QA staff and supervisor for review.
    • Feedback mechanism: A strong feedback mechanism built into the system gives feedback to all MTs/QAs on the audit trial of any job, making the team strong and confident with new knowledge gained.

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PCI promises precision and efficiency you can rely on. We understand the difference between “Activity” and “Productivity”

• Expert and Experienced Staff

PCI employs only the most qualified and experienced medical transcription professionals. A high percentage of PCI’s transcriptionists are professionals with undergraduate degrees. Many are even doctors and nurses.

• Employee Development and MT Training

PCI’s team of trained and experienced MTs and QAs are given further training in typing skills, medical terminology, medical transcription skills and skill training as needed. An intensive six-month MT training program with more than 1,000 hours of study that balances theoretical and practical applications includes:

• A core course of Medical Terminology, professional development and medical
   law and ethics

• Excellent auditory skill training

• Advanced proof reading and editing skills

• Versatility in use of transcription equipment and computers

• Highly developed analytical and deductive skills, employing deductive
   reasoning to convert unclear sounds into meaningful words

• Check backs

Continuous analysis and feedback of all transcribed reports provides the high accuracy percentage at PCI.


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• Cost Advantages

PCI delivers real cost savings over your current service provider, thus enabling your operating budgets go further. PCI provides the rapid turnaround time it takes to reduce the time from patient discharge to billing. This leads to quicker reimbursement, which reduces your time in accounts receivable and improves your cash flow.

• Performance Advantages

Customizable technology PCI offers turnkey operation providing the software, hardware and interfaces to maximize the efficiency of your processes and delivery. Customized, and simultaneously Standardized solutions, wherever possible, have a tremendous impact in reducing costs and in improving quality by minimizing errors in the medical records.

• Customer Relations and Quality Advantages

Everyone at PCI is committed to quality and service 24/7/365. This starts from the moment we form our implementation teams, and continues as we deliver customer care the way you want it.

• Round the Clock Transcription Service: PCI provides transcription service 24 hrs, 365 days a year to meet hospital turn-around-time (TAT) requirements. Our customers are our reference.

• Latest Technology/Secure Network: Our use of the latest technology means that no intervention is required on the part of your staff unless report progress needs to be determined.

• Customer Care: Talking to someone who cares is the first step in gaining helpful answers. PCI takes great pride in our commitment to customer care 24/7/365. We welcome client feedback on ways to improve our processes.

• Client Review Meetings: We regularly schedule reviews to assess
our performance and find ways to improve. Client review meetings are held on fortnightly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

•Our clients tell us that their partnership with PCI is one of their most rewarding experiences. This is made possible because we constantly evolve around the client’s needs and preferences .


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PCI’s clients are located all over North America . Our clients include:

• Multiple hospital health care systems
• Single independent hospitals
• Physician owned clinics
• Radiology and imaging centers

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