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What makes PCI different from others is our commitment to a continuous learning process and our focus on all round personal and professional development of our employees. We consider our employees to be valuable assets to the PCI family and every member contributes to and benefits from our focused training programs. In addition, PCI offers various modules of specifically designed training programs for our employees.

What does this mean for you? Highly motivated, well-trained employees who enjoy work and therefore provide better productivity, less errors and higher turnaround times on medical reports.

PCI's Training Partners

In order to meet the increasing demand for Medical Transcriptionists across Canada, PCI has taken the initiative to set up a PCI Institute. As part of this program, PCI has formed alliances with leading Medical Transcription Programs and Colleges across Canada . This allows us to be confident of our workforce in terms of their productivity, work ethics and accuracy. We are a 100% Canadian owned company and therefore are promoting the training of a skilled workforce of MTs and QA’s that are all home grown! More...

PCI Employee Training Modules

Regular Course – New Medical Transcriptionists

Freshly recruited PCI transcriptionists typically need to have undergone an 8-12 month medical transcription program from one of the leading colleges across Canada . PCI also has partnerships and has developed medical transcription programs to spearhead the development of skilled MTs and QAs. Posts completing their program, new medical transcriptionists are then given the opportunity to participate in an intensive six-month training.

Towards the end of the training program, transcriptionists are allocated specific accounts with an objective to master the art and science of that particular account. Each medical transcriptionist is given constant feedback on all reports that are transcribed. Quality assurance specialists provide comparisons of edited reports with an explanation of changes in content, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and mechanics. This analysis provides for a calculation of an accuracy percentage parameter, which is monitored by the administration department.

In addition, a constant interaction of the transcriptionists with the quality analysts provides them constant on-the-job learning. Regular training, feedback and continuous guidance keep our team members updated on the ever-changing medical terminology, procedures, and ensure that they consistently deliver high quality jobs to the clients.

Fast Track Program (FTP) – Experienced Medical Transcriptionists

This is a two-month training program for experienced MTs and QAs. All the team members are highly motivated to upgrade their skills and the trainers constantly update their knowledge through Internet resources, relevant media articles and constant interaction with the MT community.

Continuous Development Module for MTs and QAs

We believe in continuous coaching, evaluation and improvement . This is the key to developing every team member in becoming more competent, effective and efficient. The continuous learning and development module comprises of the following:

  • Life Skills
  • Hospital Based Movie
  • Guest Lectures
  • Conferences/Seminars

In addition to the above, a special Training division provides extensive basic as well as account specific training for all the new recruits.

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