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In an increasingly dynamic world driven by technology and efficiencies it is  of paramount importance for organizations to capture data in real time, as it happens.   Automatic data capture systems  have existed for a long time and a wide range of solutions  are available .   These systems are applied with varying degrees of intensity across sectors such as Logistics, Retail (barcode systems), and Identification systems with unique SKUs in the automotive industry, and the list goes on.  The  true challenge is not only  to know   which data capture system to use, but how best to use it to maximize its efficiency. Prudential Consulting Inc (PCI) has the expertise  and the infrastructure to handle any of your needs and can consult to provide best designed solutions based on your requirements.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is one such technology, which seamlessly integrates with existing systems and overcomes many of the problems associated with earlier systems, such as the barcode  system. Broad adoption of RFID will vary  from industry  to industry. It has tremendous potential and is expected to unlock value across multiple industries.

PCI’s RFID solutions can help cut costs, improve quality, and create efficiencies in warehouses and improve the overall efficiency of the entire supply chain management system.  PCI recognized the scope of RFID quite early and through our live implementation experiences, we've acquired in-depth knowledge that we draw on to deliver a complete spectrum of RFID services  that are highly customizable . We apply proven technology and processes to ensure you capitalize on the promise of RFID - greater operational control, more efficient processes and improved response to customers. PCI’s approach as solution providers is unique as it approaches the problem definition from a business perspective and breaks down all the processes involved, accordingly. PCI then applies its best of breed practices to maximize efficiency for each of the sub tasks that have been defined. PCI’s unique perspective gives it an edge over the traditional consultancy or system integrator approach.

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