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Prudential Consulting Inc focuses its RFID expertise on the following verticals:

  • Retail   

Retailersbenefit  immensely , as improved visibility helps them react faster to market demands and reduce out of stock days , boosting both sales and customer satisfaction. Based on “smart tags” applied to component s or finished product s, tracking can be carried out at item  level , case  level  or pallet level.   PCI's RFID  Solutions brings in a  high level of visibility into the supply chain. When integrated with business processes and applications,  PCI promises to transform the way manufacturers and retailers plan demand, manage inventory, distribution and supply chain partners and market to consumers at the store level  by effectively using RFID . Furthermore,  PCI can help retailers reduce storage costs, product shrinkage, and labour costs. In the future, retailers can use item-level tagging to develop tomorrow’s in-store sales, marketing, promotion and service strategies.

Consumer Productmanufacturers use RFID solutions to keep on top of inventory management and maintain appropriate stock levels, while reducing labour costs by eliminating physical scans and inventory counts, reducing picking errors, and improving returns management. Using this technology manufacturer’s can improve their production plans and responsiveness to retailer and consumer demands, while reducing excess stock and theft.   The reduction on product manufacturing life cycle has distinct benefits of faster turn around times and lower working capital needs. 

  • Healthcare

RFID has already proved its successful application and intervention in the retail supply chain management by providing effective asset-tracking capabilities at reduced operational, inventory and labour costs. Healthcare sector is now realizing the potential that RFID has to offer. In addition to the supply chain benefits, RFID allows greater patient safety by ensuring accurate patient identification and error reduction at the point of care.   RFID has immense applications in primarily two sectors - hospitals and pharmaceuticals. 

In hospitals, PCI's RFID solutions can play an important role in hospitals by maximizing the usage of expensive equipment and optimally using it. Furthermore, it can be useful in applications such as health care for elders and infants - using 'smart' labels.

Pharmaceuticals:  The WHO estimates that 25% of the drugs produced worldwide are counterfeit. This problem is more rampant in high value drugs meant to treat diseases such as AIDS and TB. PCI's RFID  solutions ,  allow Pharmaceutical companies  to use RFID tags to monitor the manufacturing process in compliance with regulatory mandates, and to validate product authenticity to help protect against counterfeiting  and therefore increase bottom line profitability .    

  • Smart Card Applications

Smart cards or ‘Contactless’ cards  using PCI's RFID   technology has the ability to securely manage, store and provide access to data on the card, perform on-card functions (e.g. encryption) and interact intelligently with a contactless smart card reader. The contactless interface provides users with the convenience of allowing the contactless card to be read at short distances with fast transfer of data. Additionally, the information stored on the card is typically protected against theft with secure encryption and communication between the card and the reader is secure and authenticated.

The ability of the smart card application to verify the authority of the information requester and provide strong chip and data security make it an excellent guardian of personal information and individual privacy.   The potential for applications is enormous - which range from cashless systems for retailers, transit and transportation companies, loyalty cards and the like.  

  • Waste Management

For many years municipalities and council’s have identified the need to be able to identify the waste bins as they are emptied. PCI has successfully developed and installed  a customized RFID solution , which uses AVL technology,  for one of our prestigious client ensuring an accurate, fast, automatic system of identifying bins and automating the data acquisition process.   PCI conceived and implemented a complex on line, real time Management Information System that uses complementary technologies - integrating RFID and AVL technologies. This resulted in higher efficiencies and faster turn around times for the client.

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